Tuesday, 21 October 2008

FlipBook and a change of heart....

Having recently making the transition to FlipBook and wondering how I have ever managed to try and become an animator without it, I have made the executive decision to change my proposal and looks at something a bit simpler: The Techniques and Processes Behind Animation. This is going to center around 2D work, but as always with these things there is room for expansion. I will be animating the same piece of footage in several different mediums including 2D, hand drawn scans and 2D images - even going as far as to trace and hand paint some Cels. Primarily I want to look into the actual techniques behind animating, things like the 'line of action' and 'whip action' and many other techniques that are essential to becoming a good animator. I have been working on all of these things in my own time on top of all my other work and after some consideration it seemed ridiculous to not do this for my T&P when it is so important in becoming a solid animator.


Above is a time lapse of me creating the video you can see below.


28 minutes work to make just over 1 second of animation.

It is rough sketches, basic positioning with no timing and no in-betweens - in other words it isn't polished. I will be polishing up the lines, transforming the stick figure into a character of my own design, inbetweening and then coloring the character and adding a background to show the entire process of 2D digital animation - this is to illustrate the animation process, from beginning to end. After that I will begin working on Animation techniques and doing rough stick drawings practicing and investigating techniques.

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