Tuesday, 7 October 2008


The main reason I have chosen this topic to study for my T&P is because I believe a better understanding of this subject will help me create better animations at a faster rate and decide whether drawing directly into the computer or drawing onto paper and transferring things into the computer is the better way. I would like it to turn out that the later is best way, but that is just because I am a traditionalist.

I thought the best thing to to begin this blog would be to go through some of the input methods I have previously used and talk about their pro's and con's.

I have worked with a tablet now for many years, going through many different brands and price ranges before I reached a tablet that I was happy with...which of course turned out to be a 'Wacom'. Wacom represent the great jump forward in interfacing with the computer. This is been taken to the next level with touch screen monitors and laptops that allow direct input - but this will most likely be discussed a little later on in the blog.

I have used several brands of drawing tablet now, including Touch, Face and several others and have found Wacom to be of the highest availiable quality. I found the A3 tabet to be quite frustrating for animation because it in ivolved a lot of movement and even though it gave me a bigger surface area to work with, it actually hindered my animation work. It was handy for tracing pre-drawn images and drawing over them on the tablet - but this wasn't as acurate as I hoped. The A4 tablet was the best, but I had to settle with the next one down due to money issues. That said, it is still of the same high quality - just a smaller surface area. I will be covering Tablets in more detail later in the blog.

Here is a short list of some of the things I will be covering in no particular order:

  • Scanning and converting to vectors in Flash
  • Scanning and converting to vectors in Illustrator
  • Drawing into the computer with a mouse
  • Drawing into the computer with a tablet
  • Different programs for drawing into the computer, Flash, Photoshop, Illustrator, Flipbook
  • Tracing Images with a tablet
  • Tracing Images with a picture taped to the monitor
  • Drawing to pixels and the differences
  • Drawing to vectors and the differences
  • Converting bitmaps
  • Cintiq tablets
  • Wacom brand vs other brands
  • Tablet PC's + Laptops
  • Touchscreen Monitors

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