Tuesday, 21 October 2008

New Proposal

I have drafted a new proposal for my T&P after lack of enthusiasm with the other one and the realization that it was quite a pointless venture, when I could be working on something that would improve my output and animation skills. To put it in laments terms, I realized that the Techniques & Processes used in animation would make a much better Techniques & Processes project! Its taken me a little too long to figure that out - but I am sure I can more than make up time considering I was working on this all summer. I feel rather stupid at the moment.

Here is my new proposal:

For my T&P I will be investigating and experimenting with the Techniques & Processes that make up Animation. There are many skills and practices that make up animation and many advanced ways of observing and creating life like forms that move in a way we perceive as ‘real’. Behind these lie very basic principles and techniques – these are the things I will be looking into.

Ken Harris, famous Disney animator from the Golden Era of Animation put it best when he said, “The true gift of an animator is being able to take the unbelievable and make it believable”. You cannot turn a cat inside out or break limbs in silly directions in real life, but in cartoons you can do just about anything and get away if you are a good animator. But reaching that stage is something that not all animators manage and in the modern climate it is something that is very often not required. I on the other hand do want to reach that stage and then go even further, so this line of investigation and practise is not only important knowledge, it is essential.

Some of the things I will be investigating include:

• Line of Action
• Whips
• Breaking Joints
• The Process of creating an animation: working from the stick figures through to final coloured piece.
• Forms
• Character creation
• Realistic and unrealistic movement

I hope that by practicing the T&P behind animation I can become a stronger animator with a better understanding of not only how the process of creating an animation works, but also how to make my animation more believable. I think this is essential research and practice and I believe it will do nothing but benefit my studio work and indeed my future as an animator.

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