Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Boy Run

For my current Studio Project, I am animating a small boy doing many different things, including running, jumping, and walking and I thought it would be a good idea to tie it into my T&P. That way I get to practise everything once, before it goes into my final studio piece. It means I can get it wrong here - then get it right for my final product, which is a good thing.

To start with I thought I would begin by doing a run from a drawing I made of the little boy from my current project. This is the original concept drawing:

It is a cute little drawing and I want the run to match - even though, after planning my storyboard today I have had to write this scene out from the final piece due to time constraints.

I have made three mistakes with this particular run. 1) I have tried to make a cycle and they rarely ever work 2) I didn't plan it out, I just rushed in and 3) I started on the pass position frame....so my contact position was never worked out from the beginning.

This terminology pass position and contact position are taken from Richard Williams brand of planning a walk. I have always followed his work, I have read 'The Animators Survival Kit' back and forth and still haven't really made any progress. I can copy things out of it perfectly and get fantastic runs and walks....but I don't feel like I'm inventing anything. I have fully grasped the basics, I am just yet to put any of it into action. So I decided to change that - threw away the book and just went for it. It was a mistake not planning it, but I think learning the hard way is some times the best way for the kind of person I am. Let's just say, when I come to do my next piece of animation, it will be well planned in

Here is the basic run I drew. I wanted to get the legs going first.


Once I had got the leg cycle going I added in the arms which you can see below. This isn't quite right. It looks OK. Obviously its wobbly, because it hasn't been cleaned up and its also on 2's. But I have learned a lot just for this simple drawing. I won't be attempting a cycle again for a while - I'm just used to working with Flash and now that I'm working with a genuine animation program its taking me a little longer to get used to it.


The its not that bad, but it isn't quite what I was hoping for. At least I know what is wrong with it and how to make it better next time.

I was going to go over it, inbetween the entire thing and add the rest of the detail, but time has run away from me so that is for another day. Overall the result gets an OK from me, but it means I won't make the same mistakes in my final piece - which is all that's important.

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Ill drop by again soon. You would like this in what I am writing? I think it will make a good story